Blogging For Books: Seven Spoons, by Tara O’Brady

As I flipped through Seven Spoons by Tara O’Brady, I became extremely inspired to go experiment in my kitchen. The recipes inside are unique and intriguing, and while I have yet to try any of them, I can certainly say they look absolutely delicious. I am  looking forward to the many recipes I will be using soon!

To enhance the experience of flipping through these pages, I found the stories she included particularly interesting. She truly brings out the depth and significance of her food choices. These stories help us see where her inspiration comes from. As a woman with Indian background living in Canada, her recipes are a rich blend of both cultures, which seems to create a very special variety of combinations. Definitely something different from other cook books.

I can tell these recipes are not necessarily meant to be used for the average weeknight dinners, so it’s not something I would turn to on a regular basis. However, it will be among the first resources I search for when preparing special meals, whether they are dinner parties, birthday dinners, or holidays.

I simply cannot wait to get started!