Blogging For Books: The Amazing Make Ahead Baby Food Book, by Lisa Barrangou

Although I am no longer dealing with baby food, I really wanted to request a copy of Lisa Barrangou’s The Amazing Make Ahead Baby Food Book from Blogging For Books. I don’t recall ever buying a single jar of baby food for my son, and I absolutely loved making all of his meals. During that time I relied heavily on another book, and wanted to check out more resources for future reference.  I really enjoyed having the opportunity to read over Barrangou’s book, and will keep it in mind for round two (whenever that may be!).

Overall I thought her approach was simple and too the point. If someone is looking to use a particular method of making homemade baby food, she takes one of the more convenient routs. Personally I really enjoyed the way I did things when my son was younger, and will probably only implement some of her suggested methods. That’s not to say I didn’t find value in her book. Even if you’re not looking for directions on how to create a system of making baby food, the book is still great for recipe ideas and extra information regarding nutrition.