Pool Noodle Bath Pit

I have a love hate relationship with bath time. Sometimes it’s a very enjoyable experience where I feel both baby and I are having a wonderful time playing games and singing songs. Other times I feel as if I’m really pressing my luck with the entertainment. Those bath toys get old fast, and my mind only has so many songs in the bath time playlist.
Recently I found a new way to make bath time a little more exciting for us. The best part? It’s super cheap.

I’m talking dollar store cheap.

All you need are 3-4 pool noodles (it’s best if you have a variety of color) and a knife. Okay, the knife is obviously not part of the actual activity. It’s simply the tool needed for set up.

All I did was simply saw little O’s out of the noodles, and dumped them into the tub.

I’ll admit that at first my son had no idea what to make of the noodles. The first bath was confusing and uneventful. The second time around, however, he seemed significantly more intrigued. He enjoyed kicking his feet to watch the ripples push the noodle pieces around, and especially liked lining the pieces along the edge of the tub. Now it’s one of his favorite bath time activities.

Storage for us wasn’t too much of a problem. I simply collected the pieces in netting and hung them on the wall. Easy enough!

When he’s a little older, I figured we could use the noodles to practice lessons on patterns by lining various patterns along the ledge of the tub. For now, we’re simply having fun exploring the interesting environment it creates at bath time!